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CalEx : Catalogue of astrometric Calibrators for exoplanet hosting stars


We provide here a list of calibrators for all stars with known exoplanets obtained using data mining and ”Virtual Observatory” techniques. The calibrators are found from catalogues available at CDS using SearchCal. In our test case, the calibrators are found within 1′ angular distance for approximatively 50% of the stars tested, and often closer. They are all faint objects from the 2MASS survey with K magnitudes between 13 and 15. A list of the most promising targets is given. In a next future, the same study will be initiated on much larger sets of potential targets.


On the use of the Virtual Observatory to select calibrators for phase-referenced astrometry of exoplanet-host stars
Beust H., Bonneau D., Mourard D., Lafrasse S., Mella G., Duvert G., Chelli A.
2011 - Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 414, Issue 1, pp. 108-115.

Data Products

The collection of retained calibrators can be read througth:


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